Hi! I’m Simona.
I’m a freelance illustrator and animator.
I am strongly obsessed by my passions. I believe in the power of intuition in making choices.
I spend my time creating a visual imaginary in which the poetic language is full of meaning.
I focus on the conceptual value of the images and on the metaphoric association of elements.
I’m looking for simplicity and powerful colors to communicate effectively.
I’m available for new commissions and licensing existing images.
If you want to get in touch with me, feel free to write at:

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I love to draw and travel. As a result, I pursue avenues which allow me to do both: work and explore new countries.
I lived in Turkey, Netherlands and Spain. At the moment I’m based in my country, Italy.

I obtained bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and Masters degree in Visual and Multimedia Communication Design at Sapienza, University of Rome, and Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques at Eina, university of Barcelona. I was awarded a scholarship at Istanbul Technical University, and apprenticed in a video animation studio in Utrecht, after which I interned in a graphic design studio in Barcelona. At the moment I’m attending Mimaster in Milan.

2017/group expo/Greenpeace + Sinestesia, “DesArtic”/CC Sagrada Familia/Barcelona/Spain
2017/group expo/Arthink/Formia/Italy
2017/group expo/AccorsiArte/Venice/Italy
2017/group expo/Art of Reggae Exhibibtion/Sangster International Airport/Montego Bay/Jamaica
2017/group expo/Freestyless Roots/ Spanish Court Hotel/Kingston/Jamaica
2017/solo expo/Neologismos/Cincomonos Espai d’Art/Barcelona/Spain
2017/group expo/Bordafest/Baluardo San Martino/Lucca/Italy
2017/group expo/Cheap festival/Bologna/Italy
2017/group expo/Cotonfioc/Ex Mercato corso Sardegna/Genova/Italy
2017/group expo/Ca.Co./Ex Caserma Liberata/Bari/Italy
2017/group expo/Ratatà
/Mercato delle erbe/Macerata/Italy
2016/group expo/Dress your wall/Miscelanea Gallery/Barcelona/Spain
2016/group expo/III Premi d’Illustraciò Letra Petita/Biblioteca Clarà/Barcelona/Spain
2016/group expo/Backstage PASS/Espai Barra de Ferro/Barcelona/Spain
2016/group expo/Stripart XXI/CC Guinardò/Barcelona/Spain
2015/group expo/Animafest/Museum of Contemporary Art/Zagreb/Croatia
2014/vj project/Famous after death/Van Gogh Museum/Amsterdam/Netherlands

2016/3rd prize/International Reggae Poster Contest/ Reggae Hall of Fame/Liverpool/UK


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